Discover the Impact of Gospel Outreach in Central America

At Partners in Christ Ministry, we are dedicated to spreading the compassionate message of Jesus Christ throughout Central America. By collaborating with a diverse range of churches, we unify our efforts under one central purpose - sharing the life-changing Gospel with communities across the region.


Short Term Missions

       with a Long Term Impact

Mission Statment:

Partners in Christ is dedicated to glorifying God and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by inspiring individuals to invest in the growth and development of pastors, churches, and communities.

Our Ministry Objectives:

  1. Spreading the Gospel: Proclaiming the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ throughout Central America.
  2. Mobilizing Mission Teams: Recruiting, organizing, and preparing U.S. short-term mission teams for impactful service.
  3. Cultivating Partnerships: Establishing and nurturing meaningful relationships with churches, pastors, and communities.
  4. Empowering Local Leaders: Training, equipping, and fortifying pastors for effective ministry.
  5. Addressing Humanitarian Needs: Supporting projects that address essential physical needs within the communities we serve.

It All Starts Right Here

If you've ever considered embarking on a mission trip but hesitated due to doubt or uncertainty, remember that God calls each of us to serve in our own unique way. Embrace your spiritual gifts and take that first step, trusting in God's guidance. As countless others have discovered, proclaim confidently:

"Yes, Lord, I can and will serve You!"

Set aside any lingering doubts and embrace the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Join the mission and witness firsthand the transformative power of serving others in God's name.

Click HERE to access helpful resources that will guide and prepare you for your life-changing mission experience.

We invite you to prayerfully consider contributing to God's mission by supporting the endeavors of Partners in Christ. 

Your investment can make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Partners in Christ is devoted to transforming lives daily in the name of Christ. Your generous contributions are truly a blessing from God, and we pledge to use them prudently and wholeheartedly to fulfill our mission of glorifying Him in all that we do.