Partners In Christ is dedicated to transforming lives through Christ. Every day, PIC diligently strives to guide more individuals towards trusting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Whether we work directly with one of our numerous partnered pastors or assist families with their physical needs, which subsequently paves the way for sharing the message of Christ, PIC is wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.

We regard your contributions as tremendous blessings from God, as well as affirmations that we are carrying out His work in Central America. All donations are utilized judiciously and exclusively to fulfill our calling to glorify God in Nicaragua. Please prayerfully consider supporting this vital ministry.

Partners In Christ is registered as a 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible, ensuring that your generosity not only advances the mission but also complies with tax regulations.

To Invest in God's work through PIC in Central America, please click on a program below.

  • You can directly impact the lives of hungry, needy children by supporting our community feeding programs. Partners in Christ has several feeding programs operated through our partner churches in Nicaragua.  Each church-run, volunteer program provides a nutritious meal, worship time, and Bible study. There is a tremendous need to expand these programs, but the commitment for funds must be in place first. If you would like to be a part of feeding children, both physically and spiritually, please click on this link to start your monthly contribution today.    

  • Through the years, Partners in Christ has provided an opportunity for many pastors in Nicaragua to join our Pastors' Training Programs.  Many of the pastors who serve the Lord in small, impoverished communities struggle to minister to and meet the needs of their congregants. Often these pastors are bi-vocational to provide for their own families. The various programs provided for pastors through PIC are able to theologically and materially equip, teach, and spiritually support and encourage many pastors in and around the Managua area. Groups range from around 30 to 70 pastors attending events such as guest North American teacher conferences, marriage conferences, and spiritual retreats. Each month, these pastors come together to worship, fellowship, and learn together. Often, they come with needs for Bibles, discipleship material, and other supplies for their church that they find difficult to acquire. With your contributions, PIC is able to meet the needs of the pastor, his family, and the people in his church. Join us as we continue to strengthen The Church in Nicaragua. 

  • The ministry of Partners In Christ has been working for the last twenty years to spread the gospel to the people of Nicaragua. As you contribute to the general fund, you provide the resources needed for us to continue to serve the Lord, expand the ministry, and also to meet immediate needs that arise among the people that PIC is committed to supporting. At times we have needed emergency funds to provide staple food for pastors and communities, and at other times we have been able to meet medical needs for pastors and staff through our general funds. Thank you for your confidence in this ministry and support.

  • If you have prayed and feel led to serve Christ with PIC in Central America, you can make your initial deposit and confirmation right here.  Simply click on the link and enter your payment and information into our secure giving site.