Short Term Missions

       with a Long Term Impact

Partners In Christ (PIC) exists to Glorify God and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Nicaragua by leading people to invest in pastors, churches, communities, and at-risk youth. (PIC Mission Statement)

The focus of our calling (Our Goals):

  • Organizing, training and equipping short-term mission teams.
  • Long-term, meaningful partnerships with Nicaragua churches and pastors.
  • Evangelism is the core, but endless number of projects are available.
  • Feeding Programs
  • Training, equipping, and strengthening Nicaraguan pastors.
  • Orphanage support.
  • Assisting youth with higher education through our Transition Program.

Please prayerfully consider investing in the ministry in Nicaragua

Partners In Christ is focused on changing lives for Christ each day in Nicaragua.   

Your gifts are a huge blessing from God and they will be used wisely and entirely to fulfill our calling to glorify God in Nicaragua.