Church Partnerships

A unique aspect of serving through PIC is the opportunity to form a meaningful partnership with a church, its pastor, community, and sometimes school. God not only calls us to share the gospel with others, but also to disciple them and build relationships. Lives are changed through the power of the Holy Spirit choosing a team member to touch the life of a person that His divine providence brings together. Then, because teams are partnered with the same area for continuing service, team members can watch and guide a new Christian grow in their faith, a family grow, and a church grow as more and more of the community join the family of believers. These long-term relationships and partnerships have proven to be very fruitful over the years.  

Pastor Training and Support

The humble pastors with whom we serve through PIC, are devoted to the Lord and to their communities. They tirelessly visit families, hold services and advocate for their members within their communities. It is one of the greatest blessings to be able to minister to them each month by hosting a pastors' meeting, worship time and meal at the PIC Mission House. This training and fellowship time, strengthens the pastors' knowledge, provides them with pastoral and bible study resources, and encourages their resolve to serve the Lord, even when the days are long and hot, and the fruit of their labor seems sparse and difficult to harvest. Often, our team pastors are able to teach and train the pastors during these meetings. These pastors form strong, brotherly bonds as they serve the Lord together for years. 

Feeding Programs

Often is the case with our church partnerships in poor communities, we find the physical needs of the people are very great. The needs are almost endless and we try our best to help where able with the funds God supplies. We have seen a specific need in several of our communities where children are not getting adequate nutrition. Many times children are getting almost nothing for breakfast, usually a dry tortilla and coffee. Then for lunch usually rice and beans and often no dinner. Because we see the great importance of proper nutrition for growing and learning, we are able to bless many children with very nutritious meals in these communities through the churches with which we partner. Children are being nourished in both body and spirit through our feeding programs. These programs make it possible to teach the Bible to hundreds of children each day, and later open doors for their very appreciative families to hear the gospel.  

It only takes around 15 cents per day to feed the children. The cost is low but the needs are great. Would you please consider supporting some of these programs?