How Did it all Begin...

The Lord's calling for the formation of Partners In Christ began in late 2002. God had been using a small group of us and challenging us to serve Him in Nicaragua over the past 3 years.But now the calling and the burden was greater than ever before. We began to pray and seek what God was calling us to do. It was clear that God was calling us to do more to glorify His name. 

Before much time had passed, and diligently praying, God revealed exactly what "more" would be. Although we had not realized, all of the time we had been serving over the past few years, God had been teaching and training us all along. Teaching us about the culture, about the people, and most importantly, how He could use us to minister to the lost in Central America.

It was then that the calling was clear. It was to form a ministry and use the experience , gifts (resources), and talents that God had provided, to help many more serve on the mission field.  We pray that God will continue to bless and use us all to His fullest.